If you are new to FIRE and also new to this website, this post has a list of all the articles that you can read in order.

  1. Achieve Financial Independence to Retire Early (FIRE)!
  2. You can retire at any age you want!
  3. 5 simple steps to Financial Independence
  4. FIRE is not for only the high earners!
  5. You need 25X your annual living expenses to be financially independent
  6. How much can I withdraw in retirement? (AKA The 4% withdrawal rate)
  7. Rainy day fund
  8. The stock market is not as “risky” as you think
  9. Market down? Rebalance your portfolio
  10. Invest 90%+ of your savings in stocks.
  11. Adjusting the 4% rule for longer retirements
  12. Bet on the entire market!
  13. Buy the haystack, not the needle
  14. Focus on increasing your income, not your investment returns
  15. Don’t buy your house, rent it.
  16. Is Gold better than stocks?

More topics coming soon….